Elect a Judge that will
follow the law

A New Vision for the 396th District Court

I am honored to announce my candidacy for the 396th District Court, guided by unwavering faith in God. Committed to upholding conservative values, I will hold convicted criminals accountable, keeping your family safe with integrity and conservative leadership.

Vince Giardino

Vince Giardino

About Vince

Vince Giardino has dedicated his life to keeping Tarrant County families safe from violent predators, first as a prosecutor and then as a magistrate judge.

  • 25-year record as a precinct chair and conservative Republican activist
  • The most conservative candidate in the race
  • Pro-life, pro-2A, and pro-keeping your family safe
  • Guided by original Constitutional principles
  • Former prosecutor trusted to train prosecutors and police officers around the state.
  • Tried more than 80 cases to a jury, everything from marijuana to capital murder.
  • Adjunct professor and author
  • Married for 18 years to Catherine, a special needs teacher in Tarrant County
  • Father and brother are both police officers in Tarrant County


As a life-long activist, Vince Giardino is proud to be endorsed by grassroots leaders in the Tarrant County Republican Party.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton
Recommendation from True Texas Project
Texas Right to Life
Grassroots America – We the People PAC
JoAnn Flemming, Executive Director, GAWP PAC
Restore Liberty
The LinkLetter
Vince Puente
Mona Puente, PC 1199
Sharen Wilson, Criminal District Attorney (retired)
Tammy Nakamura
Richard Newton, Former Colleyville Mayor
George Dodson, Former Colleyville City Council
Brendan Walsh, Tarrant County GOP Area Leader HD 91
Darl Easton, Tarrant County GOP Area Leader HD 92
Ruth Ray, Tarrant County GOP Area Leader HD 93
Steve Eklund, Tarrant County GOP Area Leader HD 94
David Lambertsen, Tarrant County GOP Area Leader HD 95
Joe Poth, Tarrant County GOP Area Leader HD 96
Amie Super, Tarrant County GOP Area Leader HD 97
Rosalie Escobedo, JD, Tarrant County GOP Area Leader HD 98 and TCGOP Assistant Secretary
Katheryn Moore, Tarrant County GOP Area Leader HD 99
Robert Wodarczyk, Tarrant County GOP Area Leader HD 101
Grapevine Republican Club and its President, Laura Oakley, PC 3035
Northwest Republican Club and its President, Trent Hill, PC 4702
Jennifer Halpenny, PC 1015
Ruben Jimenez, Jr. , PC 1094
Sherry Moore, PC 1337
Tim Johnston, PC 1444
Dr. Mark Hanson, PC 2055
Bill Eastland, PC 2168
Susan Valliant, PC 2174
Lucila Seri, PC 2228
Jay Popp, PC 2303
Brian Crowson, PC 3209
Janna Easton, PC 3212
Dianna Boger, PC 3248
Wayne Via, PC 3323
Stacy Reddy, PC 3325
Lynda Haltom, PC 3330
John Brieger, PC 3390
Tammy McNatt, PC 3361
Michelle Kelk, PC 3422
Caleb Backholm, PC 4045
Lori Leeth, PC 4046
Eric Ogea, PC 4047
Jessica Cheek, PC 4086
Sherrie Watkins, PC 4091
Linda Johnson, PC 4144
Maurice Caya, PC 4203
Aaron James, PC 4204
Melinda Teitelbaum, PC 4243
Jack Collier, PC 4272
Jeanne Shirley, PC 4371
Natalie Gonzalez, PC 4374
Kurt Peterson, PC 4531
John Peet, PC 4649
Anne Coker
James Ashby
Kim Martin
Robert and Elizabeth Aquino